Yes, Another Poem

(I am still working on the Principate and a piece on terrorism, so I offer for the moment a poem.  A few of you out there might actually be interested.)



The Law


With sand of Sinai twixt His toes

(But does this deity have feet?)

The nameless God his people chose

And handed down the Law complete.


These sacred places shall you build,

And holy altars also raised,

Where sheep and men in prayer are killed,

When’er the God is to be praised.


Here are the foods you cannot eat,

The impure things that all must shun;

All nakedness is indiscrete,

And sinful ‘tis to have much fun.


He is not seen but surely here,

As you perform each pointless rite

And find your joy in constant fear

Of doing that which is not right.


So many rules, the Lord’s behest,

And fire will rain if they’re forgot;

But see, there’s one that trumps the rest,

Remember only: Thou shalt not!

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