Where’s the Beef?

Yes, the December report has been delayed – by the Major American Retail Holiday (Christmas) and a fractured pelvis (another alcohol-related accident).  Rest assured, it is coming.  One might question why I am dedicating time to events of a century ago while my country is entering a very dangerous moment in its history with the election of Gaius Caligula as President.  Well, I am an historian and this is what I do: look at the past.  Not only is recounting the Great War fun, but I made a commitment to see the war to the end.  As for Trump, I am waiting until he actually takes office and begins to…what?  Given all the contradictory statements issuing from this jackass, I suspect no one has any idea what he plans to do.  I am increasingly convinced, however, that he will damage my country and its position in the world.  I simply cannot see how this ignorant egomaniac can survive even one year in office. cartoon-001

The Republic Is in Trouble


I have been wrestling with a piece on the election, but it is difficult to get my mind around it all inasmuch as our President-elect is so deficient and offensive in so many ways. And his initial appointments inspire little hope: a racist southern Senator who believes the NAACP and ACLU are communist as Attorney General; a dismissed general who considers Islam a political ideology masquerading as religion as National Security Advisor; a Kansas Representative who believes in torture as CIA Director; an avowed white supremacist who celebrates the “Dark Side” (?) as Chief Strategist.  If he is indeed “draining the swamp,” it is to reveal and hire loathsome creatures lurking in the muck.

An ignorant misogynistic bully with the attention span of a five year old is now President of the United States and a piece of Slovenian arm candy is the First Lady.  We have seen the usual down side of democracy: an ignorant electorate swayed by emotion rather than reason.  The Founding Fathers established the Electoral College to prevent dangerous populists and demagogues being elected President (and to satisfy the slave-owning states), but in this instance it served to allow a dangerous populist and (incredibly vulgar) demagogue to take the White House though losing the popular vote by more than a million and a half.

This Presidency will surely test our political system and our safeguards against tyranny, corruption and violation of citizen rights.  I do not expect Trump’s personality – his truly staggering ego and narcissism and his absolute inability to accept criticism – or his undisciplined and largely empty mind to change in the next four years.  For the first time in my seven decades I fully expect the President to be impeached, despite his party’s control of Congress.

And his neckties are too long. fasc