Where’s the Beef?

Yes, the December report has been delayed – by the Major American Retail Holiday (Christmas) and a fractured pelvis (another alcohol-related accident).  Rest assured, it is coming.  One might question why I am dedicating time to events of a century ago while my country is entering a very dangerous moment in its history with the election of Gaius Caligula as President.  Well, I am an historian and this is what I do: look at the past.  Not only is recounting the Great War fun, but I made a commitment to see the war to the end.  As for Trump, I am waiting until he actually takes office and begins to…what?  Given all the contradictory statements issuing from this jackass, I suspect no one has any idea what he plans to do.  I am increasingly convinced, however, that he will damage my country and its position in the world.  I simply cannot see how this ignorant egomaniac can survive even one year in office. cartoon-001

4 comments on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. David Tappan says:

    Heal quickly, Rick

  2. Steve Beach says:

    …except then we get President Pence, who is equally evil but a good deal smarter. Bad moon rising. Take care of yourself, Richard; we don’t heal as well as we used to. Photos coming soon of self, Anne, Nina, and Tracy in Arizona. Be happy as possible.


  3. Ron Goodman says:

    ” fractured pelvis (another alcohol-related accident).” Care to explain?

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